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The FIRST ENCOUNTERS OF LOVE box set includes three stories of romantic firsts that didn’t start out too well, but ended better anyone could have imagined. 

This box set includes:

THE FIX UP - Roxie Wade's beloved Nana Irene has fixed her up twenty three times and all twenty three dates have been disasters. Her feisty Nana, refuses to believe she's a bad matchmaker. After all, she found herself a great young boyfriend. Nevertheless, she meets the perfect guy for Roxie or fix up number twenty four. There's just one problem, Roxie refuses to go on another one of her Nana's fix ups. But that doesn't stop Miss Irene. She's got a plan that Roxie won't refuse.

THE FLING - Selena Crawford and Reuben Porche are lonely work-a-holics in need of a vacation. When both are forced into taking a vacation they get a little more than the luxury Anguilla resort offered on the website.

THE NIGHT I FELL IN LOVE - I WANT A DIVORCE...would you give into your spouse's request for a divorce, or would you fight for your marriage?

Cicely has given her husband Tariq, thirty days to recall the story of the day he fell in love with her. If he can’t, she’s filing for divorce.