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Three women with one thing in common...a cheating man and a secret love

Olivia [INTENTIONAL CURSE] is a New York socialite used to getting her way. A master manipulator.  Always in control until she met a handsome stranger with a plan to make her his.

Kyla's [GENERATIONAL CURSE] version of happily ever after involves, good sex with a married.  However, the man she wants, has another idea of what a happy ending should look like.

Corianne's [DESPERATE DESIRE] life seemed perfect.  Big home in suburbs and a successful surgeon husband.  The one thing she wanted wasn't coming from her husband, but the gardener.

Listed in reading order
  • Intentional Curse
    Intentional Curse
  • Generational Curse
    Generational Curse
  • Desperate Desire
    Desperate Desire