The Good Girl Part Four

The Good Girl Part Four

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 All books are signed, "Tracy Reed" 

"I wasn't sure if this was just an office fling. It could very well end tomorrow, or before I leave for Europe. But I knew I planned on enjoying myself as long as it lasted. For the first time in my life, I was the pretty girl. The girl everyone in the room noticed because I was with the hot guy. So right now, I didn't want to think about the possibility that this relationship could disintegrate at any moment. I just wanted to linger in the haze of adoration that comes with a new relationship.      Gabriella"

Gabriella Townsend never expected to fall for her Billionaire boss Phillippe Marchant, but she did.  Phillippe never thought he could be with Gabriella on her terms.  But when he discovers  his father's journal, he realizes, his father encountered a woman just like Gabriella.  Now Phillippe is using his father's journal as a blueprint for his relationship with Gabriella and hoping for the same and possibly marriage.