Word From A Stressed Bride-to-Be

Word From A Stressed Bride-to-Be

My girl Avery Marshall in A SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN is hoping to get married to the love of her life, Jeremiah Logan in less than a month.  That's thirty days to plan the wedding, find the perfect dress and abide by Jeremiah's celibacy vow.  On a scale of 1 to 10, her stress level is 69.

Hear for yourself....

“I can’t believe I agreed to Jeremiah’s insane plan. A wedding in thirty days. Less than thirty days actually. More like twenty. And at a venue I have only seen on my iPad. My mother is still complaining about not being able to throw the wedding of the century. I know I should show some concern about her feelings, but my fiancé made a simple request and I’m going to abide by it. Besides, I didn’t want the wedding of the century. I want an intimate fête with a few family and close friends.

My mother wanted my rude cousin Henrietta as my maid of honor. I don’t like that chick. Just because we’re family doesn’t mean I have to like her. When I reminded my mother, Henrietta didn’t ask me to be in her wedding, she tried to claim Henrietta had a small bridal party with only her sisters-in-law. I said that was a bunch of crap. I overheard Henrietta at the reception say, having her slightly overweight cousin, me in the wedding was bad for the optics. I got her optics. At least I’m marrying for love and not a business deal. So I took a page out of her playbook and asked Jeremiah's sisters to be my Maid and Matron of Honor.  Bold move, considering we've never met.  He assures me they are nothing like his stuck up snobby mother.

I know I can pull this wedding together. It’s a matter of will it be elegant enough for both our mothers.  Mrs. Logan makes my mother seem like a saint. Between she and my mother constantly calling me about trivial crap, I’ve thought about changing my number.

Right now, I just want peace and my fiancé. Jeremiah went home a few days after he put that gorgeous blue diamond ring on my finger. I really miss him. We talk several times a day, but it doesn’t make up for him not being in my arms.

I wonder if it's too late to elope?”

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