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Turkey Free Zone

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I'm not a turkey person. I know that will probably upset a few people, especially on the day where turkey is king. My house has been a turkey free zone for quite a few years. Now I will indulge in a few traditional sides on Thanksgiving. I mean who doesn't like a good mac and cheese. It's one of my favorite comfort foods and usually appears in some variation in some of my books. 
In Generational Curse, Sean liked truffle mac and cheese. In my upcoming princess romance, Sophie loves the traditional multi-cheese version. And in my short story A Taste For Love, one of chef Roman's specialties it's fried mac and cheese balls.  Oh man, my mouth is watering right now. Mac and Cheese is the one traditional Thanksgiving food I believe I will always have on or around Thanksgiving.
When it comes to Thanksgiving meals everyone has a favorite meal or one that stands out. For me, it was two. One, leg of lamb, with mashed potatoes and green beans. Capped off with a praline cheesecake. The other was poached pork chops, sautéed asparagus and truffle mashed potatoes. I washed it down with a smooth French Chardonnay. I think that was also the Thanksgiving I spent the rest of the evening working on a NANO story.
This year, I’m not sure what’s on tap for Thanksgiving dinner. But last night it was ribs, four cheese risotto, broccoli and carrot cake. What are you eating for Thanksgiving?
Whatever you may eat, I have a couple of Thanksgiving treats for your TBR list. I’ve already got my copies and I'll be reading them while enjoying a nice bottle of French wine. 



I don’t want him.
I can’t do this. 

That’s what my ex said after our son was born, leaving me a single dad.These days, my world consists of two things: Noah and my bar.Until her—the woman I want —but can never have.

My ex’s sister wasn’t supposed to be stirred into the mix.Even though I try to push her away, my son falls in love with her.As much as I want to keep my distance, I can’t break his heart. 

Lines become blurred, and fighting our attraction becomes nearly impossible.Even though we know it’s wrong, desire doesn’t always fade away.As soon as we cross that line, nothing will be the same and everything will fall apart.
And it does.



What happens when your getaway rental cabin ends up being a scam and you’re forced to stay with a sexy lumberjack? You try to avoid him and his annoying Christmas spirit because the last thing you have time for is love.

The Joy of Us is a reverse grumpy/sunshine, forced proximity standalone romance.