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Tricked or Teased

It’s holiday movie preview season in my house. We have been jumping from Hallmark to Lifetime to Netflix to YouTube watching holiday movies.  Some have been filled with more holiday cheer than the others.  I’ve been using Sunday as my Sabbath or day of rest.  I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to not work on Sunday.  But I’m determined to have a day of rest.
I’m in the midst of finishing up my fourth quarter projects and felt the need to add one more…NANO.  I think this is my fourth year in a row doing NANO.  I’m going to try writing with an outline again.  Scratch that…it’s not so much of an outline but more like a few key points.  
I’m very excited about my NANO project.  I want to tell you what I’m going to be working on, but I’ll wait until I get started.  I remember a couple of years ago, I was mentally ready with my project, but the words didn’t come, so I switched projects.  That worked to my advantage and produced a book in The Good Girl series.  The goal of this year’s project is to jump start my 2023 production schedule.  
I’ve got a few additions for your TBR list. Get ready to be Tricked, Teased and Treated.


Love Me, Ella

No girlfriend. No desire for permanent attachment. Drew is the perfect partner for a one night fling with no strings.
Fresh out of a bad relationship, Ella is ready to blow off some steam. What she’s not ready for is another serious relationship. Not when her heart is still raw and battered from the last one. Especially not when she is about to launch her career in the pediatric department of a major hospital.  When she meets Drew at a local pub, she’s ready to break free of her inhibitions and invites the sexy man back to her place. He doesn’t disappoint, the heat between them burning into an inferno of passion. Everything seems perfect.Perfect that is, until Ella arrives for her first day of residency, coming face to face with Dr. Drew Bellamy. Working with the man after the night they shared might just put their professional lives, and Ella's heart, in jeopardy.


Christmas in Cheshire Bay

Can a Christmas miracle happen even if you don’t believe in the magic?
Mona has never gotten over her last visit to the family's summer beach home thirteen years ago. That was the heartbreaking day her beloved mother passed away. Now, with her sister planning a beach wedding on Christmas Day, Mona must confront her past. All of it. No matter how much it hurts.
Upon arrival to her family's summer home, a twist of fate has her in desperate need of a plan B. In walks Jesse, the sweet--and handsome--next door neighbor, offering up a guest room in his house. Jesse's the type of guy that believes in the magic of Christmas, and wants to remind Mona what it's all about, even if she's not so sure she has any belief left.
But like Mona, Jesse hides beneath his own scars and secrets. Can these two help each other heal old wounds even when their past hurts resurface? Will Mona be able to drop her walls and embrace the magic of the season and finally heal the damage from Christmas' past?