Let’s Get Naked

Let’s Get Naked

I don’t know about you, but I have been trying to stay cool.  It’s only July and we are already experiencing insane temperatures.  I wonder what it will be like in September.   

So how am I handling this weather?  I’m working on my fall projects and planning my 2023 publishing schedule.  I’m releasing three books next year.  I know The Good Girl Part Six will be one of them.  The other two projects could be Unexpected Love Part Two (that’s not the title).  I need to know what happened after Fiona got on the elevator.  Another contender is Miss Match Two (another working title).  I want to know if Noah and Charlotte figure out what they’re doing.

Then there’s the long shot, A Southern Gentleman Volume Three.  I was surprised how many people wanted to know what happened on Avery and Jeremiah’s honeymoon…what happened with his baby sister and her secret.  Someone sent me an email asking for A Southern Gentleman Volume four.  That request made me smile.  I’m not saying there will be A Southern Gentleman Volume Four, and I’m not saying there won’t.  I do know I left the door open for a volume three.

In the meantime, here are a few additions for your library.  Happy reading and stay cool.


Lynn and Carter Mathis have settled into their family life a little too well. Their days have become all about work, bills, and kids... until Carter plans a little adults-only getaway. While they're enjoying their alone time, they reminisce about how they found their way back to each other, talk about the lives of their friends, and spend more than a little time reigniting the spark between them.




Trading her red-dirt roots for the title of Miami’s go-to image consultant, Brett Fontaine refuses to let anything jeopardize her new life.
…Not an influential client-turned-stalker who’s up for parole…
…Not post-kidnapping panic attacks…
…And certainly not the stubborn, attention-phobic chef with the tempting tataus she’s been challenged to transform into a celeb in ninety days.



Header photo: iofoto/Masterfile.com

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