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Jam Packed Release Plan

It's the end of January and I'm putting the finish on my release schedule for the year. It looks like I'll be giving birth to few books this year.
First up is a short story in the “Imperfect Date” anthology next month. My story, “Shoe Charming”. This is the prologue to an upcoming princess series. I am a fan of fairytales. I couldn’t resist writing one. This one is a twisted version of Cinderella complete with a beautiful pair of Manolo Blahnik booties.
The other books on my roster are follow ups to other books or continuations of the series. Here you go: The Good Girl Part Six, Unexpected Lover (follow up to Unexpected Love), and The Alex Chronicles Book 5. I also have a holiday novella. These stories have been fun to write and read. I think you'll like what happened next to these characters and enjoy getting to know the new ones.
In the meantime, I've got a few goodies for your TBR List. 



It was supposed to be an anonymous, one-night stand.
Dr. Olivia Lacroix wasn't proud that she went to the bar when she was ovulating, intending to get pregnant. No last names or phone numbers had to be exchanged—the guy never needed to know. No harm, no foul. Right?
When her one-night stand shows up at the hospital right after she's given birth demanding answers, he's no longer the nice guy she met in the bar. Not satisfied with her explanation, he insists she marry him or else he's going to sue her for full custody. Olivia has money, but not the kind of money her infant son's father apparently has. She had no idea she'd hooked up with a multi-millionaire.
What else can she do but marry him? Their prenup guarantees her joint custody if he divorces her. That should be easy enough to make happen. If she can keep from falling in love with the grouch first.



When Jake Wesley agreed to cover extra hours at O'Gallaghers, he figured he'd make a few extra tips and head home. Maybe grab dinner and mindlessly watch something on television before falling asleep earlier than his normal two in the morning.
But then she came in. And he can't help but keep an eye on her.
What started out as a fun bar crawl with friends, turned into a mess of epic proportions.
The very last thing Sophia Burns expected to come out of her friend's mouth at bar three was that she slept with Sophia's boyfriend—not once, not twice...but a gross number of times for someone who was supposed to be her best friend.
Wanting to forget—and not quite ready to go to her quiet, empty apartment—Sophia finds herself at O'Gallaghers, where she drowns her sorrows.
At least, that was the plan. When she wakes in her bed in the morning, all she has is a note.
And the briefest recollection of the kind guy with the messy hair.