I Love France

I Love France

Many of you know I consider myself a Francophile in training.  I  love the French culture…wine…fashion…beauty products and the food.  Oh my…can we just take a pause break French food.  I love a good chocolate chip walnut cookie.  But I equally enjoy macaroons.  And don’t get me started on the bread.  I don’t know what it is about the bread in France, but it is superb.

The French are very romantic and chic, qualities I long for.  Whenever I’m in Paris, I wonder what it would be like to live there.    In my mind, I’d have a cool Parisian apartment over looking the Seine or one with an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower.   

It’s because of my affection for Paris, that it appears in several of my books.  I was doing French lessons on Babbel, but had to push them to the side, because of my writing deadlines.  Those same deadlines are why I’ve been a little behind in my posting. 

This week, I started pre-edits for WHAT MY FRIENDS SHOULD KNOW.  I’m pushing hard to meet my deadline.  The final manuscript is due to my editor at the beginning of next month.  

This isn’t the story I set out to write.  I think it’s better.  There are a few new characters and a little temporary heartbreak for one character.   I don’t want to speak too soon, but I am eighty-five percent sure, there will be another book in the series.  What I’m not sure of, if it will be book five or a stand alone.  The reason I’m not sure is because of how book four ended.

Until you can read WHAT MY FRIENDS SHOULD KNOW,  I’ve got a few goodies for your library and TBR list.




Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs...
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Wyatt Calloway isn't a good idea.
I didn't pick up my life and move to this urban beach city to spend my days swooning over a rich bad boy who rides a motorcycle and seems to know every girl in town. I'm here to get to know the brother I've never met. To try and create a family when I've gone so long without one. Maybe find a place where I belong. So why can't I seem to get him off my mind?
Hannah Morrison isn't a good idea.
I'm back in town just for the summer, and my priorities are to spend time with my little sister, check in with my family, and make sure things aren't really as bad as they seem. But somehow, the new girl becomes my focus. She's got a heaping ton of baggage, and she doesn't understand why she's really here. But I'll do anything to make her feel like she belongs. Even give her promises I'm not sure I can keep.
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