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Hey Book Moms

I’m not a physical mom, yet. Still hoping. However, I am a Book Mom. As of this post, I’ve given birth to twenty books. My little babies have given me a lot of love and entertainment. 
This month I went into labor…that’s code for pre-editing with a new Book Baby, WHAT MY FRIENDS DIDN’T KNOW, is the fifth book in The Alex Chronicles Series. To celebrate this milestone, I have a few things to share with you.
I also want to wish all the moms a Happy Mother’s Day.



When Claire and Philippe Fontaine suffer the devastating loss of their son, the young couple move to Paris to make a fresh start and come to terms with their loss. As they settle into a new life, caring for one another and helping each other to cope with their grief, little do they imagine that their world is about to be turned upside down once more.
In 1940's Europe there is great danger. War has come to the continent once more and France stands right in the centre of it, prepared to stand against Nazi aggression despite the possibility of invasion and the loss of life that war will bring.
As the threat becomes ever greater, it seems that Claire Philippe face a huge challenge to live their lives in the peace and safety they desire.
But what will happen if Germany does invade? How will such an event change their lives? And will they be able to stay together or be ripped apart by the conflict?
Their love for one another may be enough for now, but can it survive more heartbreak?



I hate him. But asked him to marry me.
Hunter Jaxson is a flirty, arrogant billionaire playboy PRICK.
That bastard hates my guts almost as much as I hate his.
Yet we're bonded together in the biggest small-town fake marriage of the century. 
In exchange for taking care of his daughter and getting the townsfolk to concede to his expansion plans, he'll get me my passport
If we succeed, I will get my inheritance and my freedom. 
If we fail, I'd owe him three kisses, one night and my virginity.
No matter the sacrifices or consequences I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.
I putting my heart on the line worth the pain and heartache Hunter will leave in his wake.
But are my dreams truly worth it?