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Love Is In The Air

Talk about love. I went back to the gym after a holiday hiatus. I needed to recuperate from last quarter. I also wanted to give all the gym newbies a chance to acclimated to gym life. Last week I saw the most bizarre thing, I wish I could forget. 

You know those posts you see with people misusing or abusing the equipment? They aren’t made up. I saw a man assault an elliptical machine. If that machine could talk, it would have filed charges and possibly asked for child support.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the “IMPERFECT DATE” anthology a success. Treat yourself to a little humor this Valentine's Day with this anthology of fun romance stories.
I’m pushing to finish Alex 5. This story is surprising me. I don’t want to say this will be the end of the series, because it’s too soon. I’m at 70k+ words and still don’t know how it’s going to end. I will share this, currently there are at least two weddings and possibly one pregnancy. If you’ve been following the series, I think you’ll guess who one of the bride’s is. That’s all I’m saying.
I’m headed back to writing, but first I’ve got a few goodies for your TBR list.



I should know better, right?
I’m a thirty-something (no specifics, thank you very much). A girl boss. A powerhouse friend. And I pull it all off with a lot of focus and a killer pair of Miu Mius.
Of course, it’s easy to remind myself of all that before my new CFO turns out to be a delicious, bearded, bear of a man.
And my childhood best friend.
And hanging onto a pretty titillating secret: this exec has never—ahem—sealed the deal in the bedroom.
It’s really gotten in my head.
The solution to both our problems? A little temporary arrangement. Friends with benefits until we get s*x out of our systems.
And why not? We trust each other and now I’ll have a clear mind and Knightley can rid himself of his V-card.
But neither of us expected our fun little side gig to be so… electric. What if this fling becomes the real thing?
I’m a corporate queen and my empire has no room for a king. It’s always been that way, and any hiccup in my plans could really hurt. A broken heart is a lot harder to put back together than a broken heel.



She’s the devil's daughter, but once, she was my only friend.
Everything changed fifteen years ago when her father killed mine.
When she betrayed me.
And every day since, all I’ve thought about is vengeance.
Brutal, twisted revenge.
I’ve been patient, rising from ruins, growing an empire with my brothers, waiting for my chance to take out her father, the boss of the Palermo crime family.
The time has come.
The devil will pay.
I'm about to take the only one he has left: his daughter.
She doesn't know I'm Dominic Cavaleri.
The same boy she hurt.
The one who loved her.
But she'll know soon enough…right before I destroy everything she’s ever known.
She's nothing more than a game to me.
And this time, I’m playing to win.
Even if it means risking my heart.



First attraction… Love… Sometimes hate.
These matchmaking authors have sent cupid on a mission. Imperfect dates go awry and bring together some unlikely pairs. From blind dates and insta-love to second chance and brother’s best friend, rivals and the boss to fairy tale spoofs… something to tickle everyone’s funny bone.
❤️ Denise Wells
🧡 Beth A. Freely
💛 Ember-Raine Winters
💚 JLynn Autumn
💙 Wright MLynn
💜 Victoria Hyla Maldonado
❤️ Michelle Fernandez
🧡 Rachel Radner
💛 Tana Perry
💚 Joy Eileen
💙 Finley Brown
💜 Gina Ardito
❤️ Hannah Ruth
🧡 R.J. Castille
💛 Kenzie Rose
💚 Tracy Reed
💙 Michelle Mars
💜 Artemed Sullivan
❤️ Claire Davon
🧡 Tari Lynn Porter-Jewett
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