Happy Fall Reading

Happy Fall Reading

It’s that time of year when the leaves are supposed to start changing colors, but where I am we’re still wearing shorts and sunglasses.  

I‘m in the process of prepping WHAT MY FRIENDS SHOULD KNOW for my editor so I’m living in the world of The Alex Chronicles.  This group of characters are a handful.  In case you didn’t know, this was the first series I wrote.  

But I’m taking a break from my pre-editing to share a couple of goodies with you.



After a decade-long absence, newly divorced Ginny Cipriano returns to her hometown and her motorcycle club family to reclaim her life and start anew. But her plans are quickly thwarted when she becomes a primary target of a savage rival MC known for the carnage it leaves in its wake. Taking swift action to keep her safe, Ginny's uncle, the VP of Double H, has her whisked away to safety and assigns her first love, Gabriel, as her protector. 
While emotions run high, Ginny stumbles across a devastating, life-altering secret that everyone, including Gabriel, has withheld from her. Now she is left wondering who she can trust.



If you think it's too soon to get on Santa's naughty list...think again.
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Each of the authors will have an unforgettable, steamy story. So come on over, grab a blanket, and get started on finding your next favorite author today.
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