Pink Reader Club

Welcome to the Pink Reader Club.

I love reading great stories and I love a happy ending.  As an avid romance reader and writer, I know the road to happily ever after is never smooth.  I also know when you've read a good book you want to share it with everyone.  

I set up the Pink Reader Club as a challenge to myself.  My TBR [To Be Read] pile is almost as tall as me.  Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.  I'd be in real trouble if that were so...I'm a tall 5'2.5. 

If you're like me and want to get caught up on your reading or want to add a few new titles to your TBR pile, join the club.  

Here's how it will work...

I'll post the book I'm reading along with the purchase link in case you want to read it as well.  Once I finish the book, I'll post about it.  Simple.  If you're reading it as well and want to post comments, send them to me [] or post them to my blog.  I'd love to set up a Facebook group for the club, but in the interim, we'll do it old school, via email and blog post.

Click here to view the books on the shelf.

Hope to hear from you.

Au revoir...happy reading